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Dylan Moore

PhD student, Engineering

Dylan is a PhD student at Thayer School of Engineering, with a coursework focus on Computer Science. His research focuses on expanding understanding of Human-Centered Design and Human-AI interaction. Specifically, he is interested in exploring novel use cases of narrative-based communication with AI technology. His projects address problems of equity and accessibility at scale within the domains of digital health and education. Dylan is a Dartmouth Innovation Fellow and received a Masters of Engineering Management (MEM) at Dartmouth. Prior to Dartmouth, he worked as a software engineer at YouTube and Lark Health and has a Masters and Bachelors in Computer Science from Stanford University.


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Shirin & Dylan presented posters at the Dartmouth Center for Technology and Behavioral Health Digital Health Summit

The Clinically-Validated Digital Therapeutics: Innovations in Scientific Discovery, Clinical Applications, and Global Deployment event gathered experts from diverse sectors of the health care industry—researchers, providers, regulators, payers, and investors, as well as representatives from global pharma—to help shape a vision for making digital therapeutics accessible to all.

October 25, 2023



Narrative Learnersourcing for AI literacy

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