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Sprout: Using a Garden Metaphor to Visualize and Support Customizable and Collaborative Health Tracking

Pape Sow Traoré, Elizabeth L. Murnane

Dartmouth College Dartmouth Digital Commons - Master’s Theses

healthyoung adultsqualitative analysissmartphoneself-tracking

The Dilemma of Disclosure: Designing Interpersonal Informatics Tools for Mood Tracking

Daniel Westphal, Elizabeth Murnane

Dartmouth College Dartmouth Digital Commons - Undergraduate Theses

healthmood trackingqualitative analysissmartphone

Narrative-Based Visual Feedback to Encourage Sustained Physical Activity: A Field Trial of the WhoIsZuki Mobile Health Platform

Elizabeth L Murnane, Yekaterina S Glazko, Jean Costa, Raymond Yao, Grace Zhao, Paula ML Moya, James A Landay

Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies

physical activitynarrativeambient displayssmartphones

Enabling the Integration of Sustainable Design Methodological Frameworks and Computational Life Cycle Assessment Tools into Product Development Practice

Teja Chatty, Elizabeth Murnane

Leveraging Mobile Technology for Public Health Promotion: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Jennifer L Hicks, Melissa A Boswell, Tim Althoff, Alia J Crum, Joy P Ku, James A Landay, Paula ML Moya, Elizabeth L Murnane, Michael P Snyder, Abby C King, Scott L Delp

Annual Review of Public Health

physical activitynarrativeambient displayssmartphones

Effects of Wearable Fitness Trackers and Activity Adequacy Mindsets on Affect, Behavior, and Health: Longitudinal Randomized Controlled Trial

Octavia Hedwig Zahrt, Kristopher Evans, Elizabeth Murnane, Erik Santoro, Michael Baiocchi, James Landay, Scott Delp, Alia Crum

Journal of Medical Internet Research

health mindsetfield studywearables

A Political Theory of Engineered Systems and A Study of Engineering and Justice Workshops

Dominic Carrese, Elizabeth Murnane

A study of the role of indoor nature on solidarity and group identity during remote work

Eva Bianchi, Laura S.P. Bloomfield, Lucy Z. Bencharit, Basma Altaf, Nik A. Sawe , Elizabeth L. Murnane, James A. Landay, Sarah L. Billington

Building and Environment

remote workbuilt environmentsurveys

Mapping the Design Space of Technology-based Solutions for Better Chronic Pain Care: Introducing the Pain Tech Landscape

Mary R Janevic, Elizabeth Murnane, Roger B Fillingim, Robert D Kerns, M Cary Reid

Psychosomatic Medicine 85(7):p 612-618

chronic painhealthartificial intelligencevirtual realitymachine learning

Time perception during the pandemic: A longitudinal study examining the role of indoor and outdoor nature exposure for remote workers

Altaf, B., Bloomfield, L. S., Karzai, D. N., Sawe, N. A., Murnane, E. L., Bencharit, L. Z., Landay, J. A., Billington, S. L.

Building and Environment (243)

built environmentsurveys


Ten questions concerning human-building interaction research for improving the quality of life

Burçin Becerik-Gerber, Gale Lucas, Ashrant Aryal, Mohamad Awada, Mario Berges, Sarah L Billington, Olga Boric-Lubecke, Ali Ghahramani, Arsalan Heydarian, Farrokh Jazizadeh, Ruying Liu, Runhe Zhu, Frederick Marks, Shawn Roll, Mirmahdi Seyedrezaei, John E Taylor, Christoph Höelscher, Azam Khan, Jared Langevin, Matthew Louis Mauriello, Elizabeth Murnane, Haeyoung Noh, Marco Pritoni, Davide Schaumann, Jie Zhao

Building and Environment

built environment

Designing narrative-based interfaces for collective action: A case study using Amazon, climate change, and consumer behavior

Catherine Parnell, Elizabeth Murnane

sustainabilitybuying behavioruser studynarrativebrowser plugin

Physical workplaces and human well-being: A mixed-methods study to quantify the effects of materials, windows, and representation on biobehavioral outcomes

Isabella P Douglas, Elizabeth L Murnane, Lucy Zhang Bencharit, Basma Altaf, Jean Marcel dos Reis Costa, Jackie Yang, Meg Ackerson, Charu Srivastava, Michael Cooper, Kyle Douglas, Jennifer King, Pablo E Paredes, Nicholas P Camp, Matthew Louis Mauriello, Nicole M Ardoin, Hazel Rose Markus, James A Landay, Sarah L Billington

Building and Environment

built environmentlab study

Use of Crowdsourced Online Surveys to Study the Impact of Architectural and Design Choices on Well-being

Basma Altaf, Eva LS Bianchi, Isabella P Douglas, Kyle Douglas, Brandon Byers, Pablo E Parades, Nicole M Ardoin, Hazel R Markus, Elizabeth L Murnane, Lucy Z Bencharit, James A Landay, Sarah L Billington

Frontiers in Sustainable Cities

built environmentsurveys

Co-Creating a Framework to Integrate Sustainable Design into Product Development Practice: Case Study at an Engineering Consultancy Firm

Tejaswini Chatty, Will Harrison, Hana H Ba-Sabaa, Jeremy Faludi, Elizabeth L Murnane


sustainabilityproduct designdesignersengineersmethodological framework

Smartphone‐based ecological momentary assessment to study “scanxiety” among adolescent and young adult survivors of childhood cancer: A feasibility study

Lauren C Heathcote, Sarah J Cunningham, Sarah N Webster, Vivek Tanna, Elia Mattke, Nele Loecher, Sheri L Spunt, Pamela Simon, Gary Dahl, Marta Walentynowicz, Elizabeth Murnane, Perri R Tutelman, Lidia Schapira, Laura E Simons, Claudia Mueller


anxietychildhood canceradolescentsyoung adultsEMAfield study

The field of human building interaction for convergent research and innovation for intelligent built environments

Burcin Becerik-Gerber, Gale Lucas, Ashrant Aryal, Mohamad Awada, Mario Bergés, Sarah Billington, Olga Boric-Lubecke, Ali Ghahramani, Arsalan Heydarian, Christoph Höelscher, Farrokh Jazizadeh, Azam Khan, Jared Langevin, Ruying Liu, Frederick Marks, Matthew Louis Mauriello, Elizabeth Murnane, Haeyoung Noh, Marco Pritoni, Shawn Roll, Davide Schaumann, Mirmahdi Seyedrezaei, John E Taylor, Jie Zhao, Runhe Zhu

Scientific Reports

built environment


Examining the User Experience of Life Cycle Assessment Tools and Their Ability to Cater to Ecodesign in Early-Stage Product Development Practice

Tejaswini Chatty, Yingkun Qu, Hana H Ba-Sabaa, Elizabeth L Murnane

Proceedings of the Design Society

sustainabilityproduct designdesignersengineersanalyticsvisualization


Do Better. Sustainable Product Design

Tejaswini Chatty, Will Harrison, Lina Cowen, Martine Stillman

Pages 1–51 · Synapse Product Development Inc. · 2020

sustainabilityproduct developmentdesignersengineers

Discomfort design

Mc schraefel, Aaron Tabor, Elizabeth L. Murnane

Interactions (IX) · 27(2) Pages 40–45 · ACM · 2020

healthinbodied interaction

Mobile and Sensor Technology as a Tool for Health Measurement, Management, and Research with Aging Populations

Elizabeth L. Murnane, Tanzeem Choudhury

Mobile Technology for Adaptive Aging · Pages 41–65 · National Academies Press · 2020

aginglongevityolder adultsmHealth

Understanding Physical Practices and the Role of Technology in Manual Self-Tracking

Parastoo Abtahi, Victoria Ding, Anna. C. Yang, Tommy Bruzzese, Alyssa B. Romanos, Elizabeth L. Murnane, Sean Follmer, James A. Landay

Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT) · 4(4), Pages 1–24 · 2020

self-trackingsurveysinterviewspaper-based tools

Designing Ambient Narrative-Based Interfaces to Reflect and Motivate Physical Activity

Elizabeth L. Murnane, Xin Jiang, Anna Kong, Michelle Park, Weili Shi, Connor Soohoo, Luke Vink, Iris Xia, Xin Yu, John Yang-Sammataro, Grace Young, Jenny Zhi, Paula Moya, James A. Landay

Proceedings of the 38th Annual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) · Pages 1–14 · ACM · 2020

physical activitynarrativeambient displayssmartphones

Inbodied interaction design example: chronobiology-friendly technology

Elizabeth L. Murnane

Interactions (IX) · 27(2) Pages 54–55 · ACM · 2020

circadian rhythmssleep

Perception of Sustainable Design Integration Benefits Among Industry Product Development Teams: A Case Study

Tejaswini Chatty, Jeremy Faludi

Proceedings of the Design Society (DESIGN) · Volume 1 · Pages 2475–2484 · Cambridge University Press · 2020

sustainabilityproduct developmentdesignersengineers

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