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This project is creating more usable analytics and visualization tools to help product designers and engineers understand and act upon sustainability considerations. We focus on life cycle assessment (LCA), which evaluates the environmental impacts of a product throughout its life cycle, from extraction and processing of raw materials to manufacturing, distribution, use, and final disposal. We partner with Synapse Product Development and EarthShift Global to ensure our tools are tailored to the needs of real-world practitioners.

Project dates

2018 - 2023




  • DALI Collaborators: Rachel Ackerman (21F) , Dev Chhokra (21W – 21F), Luc Cote (21W – 21S), Maria Cristoforo (21F), Samiha Datta (21W – 21S), Lylia Eng (21W), Alessa Lewis (21W – 21S), Alejandro Lopez (21W), Nina Paripovic (21X – 21F), Ana Sumbo (21F), Grace Wang (21 F)
  • Collaborators: Prof. Geoffrey Parker, Prof. Rafe Steinhauer, Prof. Jeremy Faludi (TU Delft), Lina Cowen (Synapse), Will Harrison (Synapse), Martine Stillman (Synapse), Caroline Taylor (EarthShift Global), Lisa Lauren (EarthShift Global), Dan Fitzgerald (SBD)


Perception of Sustainable Design Integration Benefits Among Industry Product Development Teams: A Case Study

Tejaswini Chatty, Jeremy Faludi

Proceedings of the Design Society (DESIGN) · Volume 1 · Pages 2475–2484 · Cambridge University Press · 2020

sustainabilityproduct developmentdesignersengineers

Do Better. Sustainable Product Design

Tejaswini Chatty, Will Harrison, Lina Cowen, Martine Stillman

Pages 1–51 · Synapse Product Development Inc. · 2020

sustainabilityproduct developmentdesignersengineers

Examining the User Experience of Life Cycle Assessment Tools and Their Ability to Cater to Ecodesign in Early-Stage Product Development Practice

Tejaswini Chatty, Yingkun Qu, Hana H Ba-Sabaa, Elizabeth L Murnane

Proceedings of the Design Society

sustainabilityproduct designdesignersengineersanalyticsvisualization

Co-Creating a Framework to Integrate Sustainable Design into Product Development Practice: Case Study at an Engineering Consultancy Firm

Tejaswini Chatty, Will Harrison, Hana H Ba-Sabaa, Jeremy Faludi, Elizabeth L Murnane


sustainabilityproduct designdesignersengineersmethodological framework


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Synapse e-book released

A culmination of her efforts during her Synapse internship and beyond, Teja has co-authored an e-book on Sustainable Product Design! The e-book abstracts a sustainable design workflow into actionable steps and easy-to-use tools that can be applied to any product development process to reduce environmental impacts while improving the bottom line. Check it out here.

June 19, 2020

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