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Overprescription is a significant concern in the United States and across the globe. Studies indicate that approximately 20% of prescription medications are considered medically “unnecessary” by physicians themselves Lyu et al., 2017. The dramatic increase in medication usage is notably prominent in certain subfields of medicine such as psychiatry. Despite the widespread use of psychopharmaceuticals in clinical care, recent research underscores the importance of exercising greater caution in the initiation and continuation of these treatments Damiano Soares, 2022. For many patients, psychiatric medications not only lead to unbearable side effects, but also bring about intense and prolonged physical and psychological symptoms upon dosage reduction or discontinuation. Adverse effects and the withdrawal experience, however, have long been downplayed in medical practice and understudied in research. Navigating a complex web of systemic issues in healthcare, patients frequently encounter skepticism and lack of support from providers. These individuals experience hopelessness and a profound sense of isolation, with their struggles left unaddressed and misunderstood. This project aims to develop solutions that address overprescription and iatrogenic harm.

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2023 - Present




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